“Waterford Global was selected as our organization’s exclusive recruitment partner for our most difficult searches. Waterford Global’s strength in consistently being able to place top talent in highly specialized roles, even during times of media focus and scrutiny on our organization, speaks to the firm’s ability to achieve successful long-term placements through its extensive talent network and its clear understanding of the candidates’ track records. Based on our experience with Waterford Global, and its in-depth understanding of our business, our political environment, and also the skills and competencies required in order to succeed in our organization, we would highly recommend the firm for any searches.”

Former Vice President, Organizational Development
International Grain Marketing Organization

“As a company that had never utilized a professional search firm, we were tentative off the start. After interviewing two others, Waterford Global was our clear choice. Any lingering questions were answered in the first official engagement – the leadership team provided a tailored product and coached us through each step that was unfamiliar. Respecting our company culture and needs, Waterford Global delivered us a diverse slate of candidates that all met the critical requirements, allowing us to truly choose the best fit for our organization. We successfully hired a new CFO that is exceeding expectations.”

Former Executive Vice President
International seed delivery systems manufacturing firm

“Our decision in selecting to partner with Waterford Global was based on the firm’s demonstrated strength of experience in, and passion for, healthcare, as well as an equally robust search methodology that lends itself extremely well to our global industry. The results of our relationship to date have included key strategic hires that are helping to drive our business in new and exciting directions.”

VP of Canada
Cancer therapy technology manufacturer

“I have worked with Waterford Global for six years. They understand my business, ask the right questions, and develop a thorough search plan that works. They provide us candidates that we simply would not find on our own. They have become a counsel to me on senior executive recruitment and I value their opinion.”

President and CEO
Canadian insurance firm

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