Private Equity

The Private Equity sector is the thread that ties our services together, across each of our key areas of focus. Throughout our history, Waterford Global Inc. has served as a trusted partner and advisor to private equity firm clients, and their portfolio companies. Our success with clients in the private equity space has been driven by our understanding of impending changes in the space, our capabilities as a global executive search firm, our focus on performance, and our ability to assist clients with the pursuit of a higher social consciousness.

The world has seen massive change across nearly every industry, a restructuring of the private equity environment, and incredible challenges for portfolio organizations. Waterford Global Inc. is well poised to respond quickly as talent requirements shift, trends emerge, and strategic plans are put into action. We know and understand the perils of hesitation, and the benefits of proactive talent acquisition and effective decision making. Our abilities to reduce uncertainties and build confidence throughout all stages of the deal process are what constantly provide our client firms with a competitive advantage.

With nearly five decades of combined experience between our two founding partners, our firm has amassed a comprehensive cross-industry database of talent that spans the globe. Unlike staffing firms, or contingency recruiters, our highly focused, refined, and effective retained approach ensures that transformation executive talent is accessed. Our assessment system focuses on ensuring that candidates of the highest calibre, which bring the right skills and value to the table, are selected to complement the existing skills of our client leadership teams.

The leadership teams of our clients in the PE space are focused on performance in a way that stands out from those in other industries. Because of these mandates, making the right talent decisions is mission critical. We understand that the candidates we identify in searches for Private Equity clients, and their portfolio firms, must be uniquely qualified and capable of delivering in such a performance-sensitive, high-accountability culture. Assembling talent of this nature all but necessitates the need for our ability to perform search projects that sweep widely across geographies, to hone in on compelling talent pools, and to present opportunities to leadership talent in a way that drives engagement, serious consideration, and eventually, commitment.


Private Equity Executive Search – Areas of Practice

Our abilities and expertise are in recruiting candidates to and from the world’s leading hotspots for PE talent, in industries including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Aerospace and technology manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Professional and Financial services
  • Agribusiness
  • Energy
  • Cleantech
  • Construction
  • Logistics and transportation

A commitment to a higher level of social consciousness is increasingly critical for the PE space, and is a pursuit that Waterford Global Inc. has great success and experience in. Balancing diverse backgrounds, creating inclusive working environments, and ensuring that stakeholders in all areas and levels are considered – these are high on the list of our client’s priorities. Through strategic talent acquisition, our firm supports PE clients with their social objectives including their sustainability, equity, diversity, and inclusion goals.

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“I have worked with Waterford Global for six years. They understand my business, ask the right questions, and develop a thorough search plan that works. They provide us candidates that we simply would not find on our own. They have become a counsel to me on senior executive recruitment and I value their opinion.”

President and CEO
Canadian insurance firm

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