Our Approach

Research.  Relationships.  Results.

At Waterford Global, these are our three “Rs”.  They form the basis of all of our search engagements, and represent the foundational pillars of our approach to search.

In our firm, Research is the practice of applying the principles of competitive intelligence to the identification, attraction and strategic acquisition of talent.  Every search is unique, requiring that we undertake fresh research with each engagement in order to deliver on the specific talent needs of our clients.  Research also includes accessing our proprietary, global dataset of passive candidates, which continues to grow daily as it has over the last 25 years.

Given our firm’s focus on passive candidates, Relationships are the key in transitioning an otherwise passive candidate to an actively engaged and motivated candidate.  The manner in which we accomplish this is through our culture of candidate care.  This includes investing deeply the special relationships that we enter into with each of our candidates and, in cases of relocation, with their spouses/partners and families in order to come to a full understanding of the dynamics involved in each individual situation as we work towards a best-fit scenario.  

Search is a relationship business, and one which places our firm in the privileged position of providing a valued advisory service to our clients.  As such, we express our culture of client care through the manner in which we develop and grow our client relationships, while always respecting the sensitivities and confidentiality of clients and candidates alike.  Staying in touch with clients and candidates through the onboarding process and beyond helps further to build a long-term, provider-of-choice relationship and to accelerate a candidate’s contribution to a given client’s organizational success.  This is the approach we take in connecting with, and in showing, how we are relevant to the client’s agenda of critical priorities and focused on the client’s most important goals.  We are grateful for the vast global network of relationships that has grown as a result.  

Results are what our clients expect and what we are engaged to deliver on.  Results are the end goal of every search, as well as the milestone goals we work towards throughout the search process.  To assist our clients in tracking our progress on any given search, we provide a project Gantt Chart which displays our week-to-week activity and deliverables and identifies those points in the process that will require greater client involvement.  As important as it is to arrive at each goal, and within the necessary timeframes, so too is the route we take to get there.  For this reason, we follow the strict Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines established by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

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