Our Mission

At Waterford Global our mission is, in some small way, to improve conditions on our planet for others and thereby allow our daily activities in the workplace to have both purpose and meaning.

On the executive search side of our business, this means helping businesses and other types of organizations to grow and prosper by delivering to them talented executives, professionals, managers and technicians who, in turn, assist our clients in the fulfillment of their own distinct purposes and the accomplishment of their own identified goals.

On the physician recruitment side of the house, this means helping to relieve concern and suffering in communities that experience chronic shortages of medical service providers by equipping them with licensed, practice-ready doctors and other medical professionals through a recruitment strategy focused on sustainability and long-term physician retention.

For our candidates, this means directing them to rewarding career opportunities that allow for professional growth, challenge, and the application of their much-needed talents and skills to the highest and best use.

For our own employees, this means providing a well-managed and highly-professional workplace environment – one that is both financially rewarding and career nurturing, where professional development, personal and professional advancement, teamwork and excellence are promoted and fostered.

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“We know that achievement and success aren’t by accident. Therefore, we appreciate the long and valuable relationship we have with Waterford Global Inc. They have been instrumental in filling key positions at our firm. A smooth process from start to finish.”

Managing Director
International manufacturing and marketing firm

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