Physician and Healthcare Recruitment & Executive Search

Waterford Global has a rich history of global physician and healthcare recruitment & executive search. It is through our robust healthcare recruitment practice, and our dedication to the health of the communities we serve, that a large part of our identity as a search firm is derived.  

These engagements typically involve the recruitment of physicians, both general practitioners, and specialists, as well as the recruitment of mid-to-senior level physician-leaders and other executive talent.


Our Healthcare Recruitment Approach

By applying the principles and processes of executive recruitment to the healthcare sector we are able to impact, in a significant way, the communities and organizations we engage with.  Often, this includes alleviating critical physician shortages in highly-underserved rural communities.  Our approach to physician recruitment has been cultivated and refined over the course of many years and is now a recognized model for long-term, sustainable rural healthcare.

Specific to our work in healthcare, we provide search services to:

Attracting and recruiting talent for health regions and authorities is one of the most nuanced recruitment projects a team can face. Waterford Global Inc. has a storied history of successfully placing candidates at some of the most difficult-to fill-positions at health regions and authorities. Very often, these groups and organizations have complicated and interwoven relationships between shareholders and constituents, the dynamics of which our firm has extensive experience in handling successfully. Additionally, we see the work we do with health regions and authorities as some of the most rewarding work we have been privileged to undertake – because we are all stakeholders when it comes to health.

Waterford Global Inc. has assisted many community health committees with critical recruitment projects. Community health committees are often tasked with not only finding and acquiring talent, but are also laden with considerable constraints and barriers. Our firm serves community health committees not only as an experienced service provider, but also as a trusted advisor, helping to align community health committee recruitment goals in pursuit of their critical objectives.

Healthcare recruitment projects for rural and urban municipalities often represent the epitome of “difficult-to-fill”. Very few recruitment firms possess the capabilities and experience to identify potential candidates of the proper calibre. Even fewer firms have honed a specific expertise in positioning roles in rural and remote communities as attractive opportunities. Because rural and urban municipalities often struggle with recruitment projects, Waterford Global Inc. takes great pride in our ability to successfully execute on projects in these areas, which are of such great importance to our rural and urban populations. Our combination of expertise, reach, and capabilities, and experience enables us to not only deliver leading-edge talent to these communities, but also talent that understands and appreciates deeply what it means to be an integral member of these locales.

Throughout our firm’s history, we have thoroughly enjoyed the multitude of hospital recruitment projects we have successfully executed on. Our client hospitals have benefited from working with a recruitment partner with a global approach, and many of the clinical and research positions we have filled have played crucial roles in the improvement of these hospitals. Hospital recruitment is built into the DNA of our firm, and like all of our healthcare projects, we see each of these initiatives as central to our firm’s mission of improving quality of life for others through our work.

Clinics and pharmacies are the healthcare lifeblood of many metropolitan and rural communities. Waterford Global Inc. has excelled not only in the identification, attraction, and placement of clinicians and pharmacists, but also with adding visionary leadership to the management teams of our client clinics and pharmacies. As with any of our executive recruitment initiatives, we maintain a deep focus on fit and cultural harmony when assisting clinics and pharmacies with talent acquisition initiatives.

Search and recruitment for a healthcare practice management firm represents the perfect synthesis of our firm’s mission, experience, and capabilities. Our history of excellence in the recruitment of transformational senior leadership has been applied to great effect on projects with our practice management firm clients. Our dedication to competitive research, combined with our extensive databases and access to global talent has assisted many of our client practice management firms in adding the leadership needed to achieve strategic objectives, and in executing on mission-critical projects.

Advancements in healthcare technology have continued at a rapid pace; providing inspiration to all, but also highly nuanced recruitment and talent acquisition challenges. Leaders and key staff members for medical device companies, medical technology companies, and medical hardware and software companies are increasingly required to be masters of multiple domains. This means that leading-edge talent for medical technology firms must not only be masters of organizational strategy and management, but also highly adept at navigating the technical requirements of product development teams.

Waterford Global Inc. has been proud to maintain long-standing relationships and partnerships with leaders in the fields of medical gas production, delivery, and servicing. Very often, medical gas companies have complex manufacturing and supply-chain demands on their leadership and critical staff, in addition to nuances provided by healthcare and technology. Recruitment for medical gas companies also requires a deep analysis of firm culture, and a focus on attracting leadership that will mesh seamlessly with these client firms. We have found that our attention to detail, along with our honed ability to forge relationships between parties, is the key component in ensuring that new hires at medical gas companies are able to do more than simply manage and lead, but also to forge meaningful relationships at all levels of these organizations.

Our firm’s global reach and unique approach to search and recruitment has helped many health research institutes identify, attract, and retain truly world-class talent. While these placements may often result in newsworthy announcements and high-class events, it is our commitment to comb the world over for research leadership talent that takes our health research institute clients to the next level. This is the hard work and diligence that our firm has become known for in this space, and our track record of leadership recruitment for health research institutes is marked with a long string of successful projects. Because of this, we maintain relationships with individuals and organizations in the health research institute space all over the world.

Because search and recruitment in the world of healthcare is so central to our firm’s mission and philosophy, we have always maintained an open mind when it comes to projects for other healthcare and healthcare-related providers.

Our commitment to the healthcare sector and, in particular, to addressing chronic physician shortages is further reflected in the breadth and scope of the deep inventory of physician talent we have developed – a proprietary dataset of over 38,000 physicians whose credentials are recognized in Canada, and globally, making them practice-ready for fee-for-service, independent contractor, or salaried positions in our client communities and organizations.  It’s a pipeline of physician talent that grows daily.

Ours is a full-service physician recruitment strategy which includes managing all aspects of the licensing process, as well as managing the complete immigration process for the physician and family unit.  This also includes our active involvement in the relocation and settlement process, as well as scheduling regular touch-points with our client and the physician to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding into the organization and community.

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“Our decision in selecting to partner with Waterford Global was based on the firm’s demonstrated strength of experience in, and passion for, healthcare, as well as an equally robust search methodology that lends itself extremely well to our global industry. The results of our relationship to date have included key strategic hires that are helping to drive our business in new and exciting directions.”

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