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Our clients use us for their most critical talent acquisition challenges, and engage us when the position is strategic and high impact – whether it’s executive search or physician recruitment.  We are most often retained in situations where, for various reasons, our clients have been particularly challenged in recruiting a certain type of talent, recognizing our firm’s specialty and expertise in recruiting for difficult-to-fill positions and locations.

Increasingly, the nature of this work, combined with the global dynamics of talent movement and mapping, have necessitated searches of an international scope and scale.  Our firm’s Founding Partners have worked in numerous markets worldwide for over 20 years, delivering on challenging engagements in the search for in-demand or elusive talent.  This experience has allowed us to develop a high level of comfort and capability in conducting international searches across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia, and to grow the necessary physical infrastructure within each region in order to deliver on the search needs of our global client base.    

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“The Waterford Global recruitment process continuously produces a solid group of qualified candidates that fit not just [our organization’s] requirements, but the culture of our organization. In a time where quality candidates are hard to find, our firm has had consistent success with the people Waterford Global bring to our organization.”

VP and General Manager
Canadian construction materials firm

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