Healthcare & Physician Executive Search

Waterford Global has a rich history of global healthcare & physician executive search and recruitment. It is through our robust healthcare practice, and our dedication to the health of the communities we serve, that a large part of our identity as a search firm is derived.  

Specific to our work in healthcare, we provide search services to:

  • health regions/authorities
  • community health committees
  • rural and urban municipalities
  • hospitals
  • clinics and pharmacies
  • practice management firms
  • medical device, technology, and hardware/software companies
  • medical gases companies
  • health research institutes
  • other healthcare and healthcare-related providers  

These engagements typically involve the recruitment of physicians, both general practitioners, and specialists, as well as the recruitment of mid-to-senior level physician-leaders and another executive talent.

By applying the principles and processes of executive recruitment to the healthcare sector we are able to impact, in a significant way, the communities and organizations we engage with.  Often, this includes alleviating critical physician shortages in highly-underserved rural communities.  Our approach to physician recruitment has been cultivated and refined over the course of many years and is now a recognized model for long-term, sustainable rural healthcare.         

Our commitment to the healthcare sector and, in particular, to addressing chronic physician shortages is further reflected in the breadth and scope of the deep inventory of physician talent we have developed – a proprietary dataset of over 38,000 physicians whose credentials are recognized in Canada, and globally, making them practice-ready for fee-for-service, independent contractor, or salaried positions in our client communities and organizations.  It’s a pipeline of physician talent that grows daily.  

Ours is a full-service physician recruitment strategy which includes managing all aspects of the licensing process, as well as managing the complete immigration process for the physician and family unit.  This also includes our active involvement in the relocation and settlement process, as well as scheduling regular touch-points with our client and the physician to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding into the organization and community.

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“Our decision in selecting to partner with Waterford Global was based on the firm’s demonstrated strength of experience in, and passion for, healthcare, as well as an equally robust search methodology that lends itself extremely well to our global industry. The results of our relationship to date have included key strategic hires that are helping to drive our business in new and exciting directions.”

VP of Canada
Cancer therapy technology manufacturer

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